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MasterMoney™ Check Card MasterMoney Check Card

There’s no card more convenient than the MasterMoney™ check card from Liberty National Bank: no check writing hassles, no reason to carry lots of cash, and no interest-charging credit debt. Expect the Best™ from your Liberty MasterMoney™ card.
Our MasterMoney™ check card is accepted anywhere MasterCard® is welcome—more than 12 million places world wide. When you shop, simply present your MasterMoney™ check card to the cashier, sign the receipt and your purchase will be automatically deducted from your checking account. It’s that simple. You can even use your MasterMoney™ check card to get cash at thousands of ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard® or VISA® logos.

Purchases are deducted directly from your checking account each time you swipe your MasterMoney™ check card. Your monthly checking statement will list the amount, date and location where you made each purchase.

Since you can use you MasterMoney™ check card to access your checking account, you won’t have to hassle with identification and the approval process of writing a check. Plus you won’t have to carry around a checkbook or worry about running out of checks.

Best yet, your Liberty National Bank MasterMoney™ check card works just like a credit card—only better—because it debits your checking account, giving you better financial control.

Your MasterMoney™ check card gives you the freedom to carry less cash because you can use it to make purchases at so many places where you use cash now. Use it at restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, grocery and convenience stores— anywhere you see the MasterCard® or VISA® logos.

Whether you’re shopping around the corner or around the world, the MasterMoney™ check card is the easy way to pay right from your checking account. Stop by one of our convenient locations and find out about our MasterMoney™ check card.
If your MasterMoney Check Card is lost or stolen, you can get help toll-free, 24/7
by calling 419-674-2430

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