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Our Mortgage Loan Originators have registered with the NMLS in compliance with the SAFE Act of 2008. Another assurance that, with a mortgage from Liberty National Bank, you can Expect the Best™.
The S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act is a major component of the 2008 Housing and Economic Recovery Act, which requires all mortgage loan originators to register with a Nationwide Licensing System (NMLS) and Registry, satisfy pre-licensing education and more.

All registered mortgage loan originators receive a unique identifier number is to track MLO business activity, examination status and pre-licensing education reporting. The NMLS ID assures borrowers that a mortgage loan originator has passed criminal and credit background checks.

Liberty National Bank’s NMLS ID is 431551. Below is a list of each mortgage loan originator’s NMLS ID.
NMLS Licenses Linda Fleming Angela Hersh


Linda Fleming
NMLS ID:  466709
Angela Hersh
NMLS ID:  466766
Katherine Johnson Brandt Miller Nanette Pfeiffer
Katherine Johnson
NMLS ID:  464267
Brandt C. Miller
NMLS ID:  747441
Nanette Pfeiffer
NMLS ID:  466704
Donald Price Joenee Purcell Sara Reese
Donald Price
NMLS ID:  466708
Joeneé Purcell
NMLS ID:  466705
Sara Reese
NMLS ID:  864932
Joyce Rostorfer Evan Smith;  
Joyce Rostorfer
NMLS ID:  1004550
Evan A. Smith
NMLS ID:  577700
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