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Changes to Bounce Protection Changes to Bounce Protection
New Federal Regulations will change your coverage by Bounce Protection unless you Opt-in prior to August 15, 2010. The following will outline the changes, and provide you with the forms and information you need to continue to Expect the Best™ overdraft protection from your Liberty checking accounts.
Important Notice for our Valued Checking Account Holders
Let Us Know Your Choice As Soon As Possible.

We want you to know about a change that will impact your checking account and the way you use your debit card. Our Bounce Protection is a valued service to many of our customers, so we want to make sure you’re aware of this change. New Federal Regulations will now put you in danger of losing your overdraft protection privileges on your account(s) with Liberty National Bank. Effective August 15th, your everyday debit card purchases and ATM transactions will no longer be covered by Bounce Protection. You must specifically request this service on your account; otherwise it will be discontinued. If we do not receive your consent prior to August 15th, 2010 we will be required by new Federal Regulations to decline any ATM withdrawal or debit purchase requests for insufficient funds.

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